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Output data LR115

The output file contains the following information:

1. Date and time of the scan

2. Code of dosimeter

3. Track density in tracks/cm²

4. Poisson uncertainty of the track density in tracks/cm²

5. Etching attack parameter (pixels²)

6. Test result of reduced CHI²

7. Exposure to radon

8. Uncertainty exposure to radon

Special note:

For point 5, the parameter of attack is defined as the area that defines the eightieth percentile of the distribution of the areas. It is used for the normalization of the track density (similar to the measurement of the thickness remaining in the classical procedure with strippable LR115 and Spark-Counter).

The point 6 is the test result of the reduced CHI² calculated on the number of acquisitions. It is defined as the ratio of the estimated variance and the mean estimate of the number of tracks counted in each frame analyzed. The tracks should follow a Poisson distribution; if not, it means that the scan may have been subject to a problem (e.g a detector damaged or presence of dust particles at the surface).

For example: in the case of 100 acquisitions, we have 0.778 <CHI2 <1.244 with a probability of 90%.

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